Call Of Duty Mobile season 9 is coming soon and we know that a lots of new things that are coming soon and today i will show you a good review of all of these upcoming updates.
so let's start with the new gun thats coming in call of duty mobile season 9 is called ICR-1. now let me give you more details about this gun.
this gun has great advantage because of its long range and fire rate. 
this gun has also another ability and that is you can now apply your favorite camo in call of duty mobile fps game. this gives you a great advantage in choosing your own camo and you don't need to select that gun once or twice.
you can just simply go into the settings and just apply your favorite camo and play multiplayer or even in battle royale.
this gun will surely be one of the favorite gun in call of duty mobile.
we are also getting charms in the next updates and these so called charms will increase the performance of this gun it will give you an upper hand in the multiplayer mode and also in the battle royale mode also.
guys i don't now have the picture of that charm but let me tell you that this charm looks like a little unicorn badge or like a keychain and that will be attached onto the gun.
in my opinion it will look funny but i think many player who wants to play this game in a competitive way will like this cgram and they will play with it too.
so guys we can also say that this season 9 will be an epic season to come in call of duty mobile.
there is also a new shadow blade coming in call of duty mobile season 9.
this shadow blade looks very awesome but i think it looks more like a katana but i think this name also justify this blade too.
by my first impression i think this will be great impact on those player who plays with knives.
more and more player will start using this shadow blade.
because this blade looks kinda cool.
we don't have the confirmation that will it come as a alternate as a knife or will it be a new operator skill that will be coming in the upcoming season 9.
but i hope it does not come as a operator skill because if it comes as a operator skill then this wont be used and it will be a not so good skill.
so we hope that call of duty mobile devs will add it as an alternate as a knife in this fps game.
the more and more time goes this call of duty mobile game gets too good and these frequent updates makes this game more playable.
now guys let's more onto the next upcoming update in call of duty mobile season 9 is the perks.
we will be getting new perks in call of duty mobile season 9 and these peerks will be very good and we know that perks are very important in call of duty mobile multiplayer mode so we can see the importance of perks in call of duty mobile.
perks can change the situation i mean it can turn your losing battle into a winning we can also say that perks are mostly like magic spell by which you can get the favorable outcome.
the first perk thats coming in season 9 is called restock.

this perk has a great ability and that ability is that it can replenish one axe and it can recharge equipment over 20 second and this is an amazing p[erk to play with and guys you need to level up to get thuis perk as you can see this perk is in gold and guys remember that this perk is very easy to use for all of the players.
now let's move onto the next perk that is coming in call of duty mobile season 9 is called overkill.
overkill is a good perk to play with in call of duty mobile because by using this perk your character will be able to carry 2 primary guns simultaneously and you will get a good advantage in offensive side. so if you are an offensive player then you should definitely try it out.
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guys i am really excited to play the game and the new characters which are coming will be very great and the new perks that are coming will also be good.
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