Zepeto is a game made by Naver Z Corporation and currently it has 50M+ downloads in google play store and zepeto has good reputation for being a online open world game in which you can make friends by visiting some world's that are in zepeto.
it's a basically a game where you need to make a character for yourself then you need to go in a journey in the worlds made in zepeto and make friends by chatting.
so if you like zepeto then watch this top 10 list to explore more games like zepeto.

In this list we are counting those games which gives us a good experience on a open world and you can play in that world using a virtual character.
so let's start our list.
At first we have a game called Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World.

1) Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World:
is a similar game like zepeto because in this game you can simply make a virtual character in the game and go on different of worlds and make friends by chatting and this game is exactly what we are looking for in this top 10 list.

Avakin Life currently has 50M+ downloads on google play store and it is quite reputed in the store like zepeto.
now let's talk about player experience that we get in avakin life is that this game is a similar open world like zepeto but the controls in this game is not like zepeto.
It does not have joystick as a control but instead of joystick it has button system but you can find the chat open in Avakin Life too.
You can Download avakin life from HERE:

so if you want to play games like zepeto than you should go and play avakin life 3D because it is a 3D game with a good gaming experience.

so moving onto the 2nd game on our list is that Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

2) Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life:

virtual sim story is not a famous game but this game is also like zepeto and for that reason is what you need in zepeto, is that you will need to make a virtual character and then you can just roam around and play with your friends. then you can just add people as friends and chat with them.
currently virtual sim story has 500K+ downloads and it has good rating in google play store.
so if you want to play a game like zepeto then you can simply try it out from google play store.
you can find the game link HERE:

so let's move on to the next game that is similar to zepeto and that is The Sim FreePlay

3) The Sim FreePlay:

now guys let's move onto a new kind of game in the open world type and this game is not so like zepeto but you can find similar experience and in this game you won't get the chance make friends by visiting them but you can make buildings and just make your own town and enjoy a good time. you can also join in a guild and their you can just chat with friends and make new friends.

so currently sim free play has about 100M+ Downloads on google play store and it has a lot of active users.
so if you want to make some good friends who loves farming then you should check it out.
you can find the download link of this game from HERE:

so guys now move onto one of the best game in this list and that is called Dragon Raja - SEA

4) Dragon Raja - SEA:

now guys this is one of the best game on open world out there, so dragon raja is a game following a concept of a open world game where you can experience a world like earth. so basically in this game you have to choose a character and a race there are about 6 races in this game, all of the races have some unique ability and you can get some benefits by choosing a race in the story like.
it is also a game like  VMMORPG.

this game has a good experience and good controls and i can recommend you that this game is simply better then zepeto in every way.
currently this game has about 1M+ downloads in google play store and has a good review too.

if you want a better gaming experience then zepeto then you should try this game out because it will satisfy you.

you can download the game from here:

5) Albion Online: 

Albion Online is a sandbox mmorpg game in which you can be anything that you like, the thing you need to do i to wear correct gear that will help you to master that particular class. in albion online there is no specified race like other rpg games. One of the massive unique thing about ablion online is the economy because everything that you can see at the market is either crafted by other players or gathered by players all around the world.
the main reason why i have included this game is that this is an open world game in which you can do anything.