Pokemon Go is a game developed by niantic ltd. Pokemon go is famous for its unique reality based AR Virtualation that can be accessed using a smart phone. Pokemon go has a unique way of catching Pokemon. So for that reason people from all over the world play pokemon Go.

Pokemon go can be very helpful for people to keelp their fitness. So for that reason people who wants to have a good health they play Pokemon Go. 

One of the major problem that people face when they run out of pokeballs at a time and they want to refill But problem is that to refil pokeballs one Must go to the pokestop to refill.

So for thoese Who don't have any pokestop nearby the face problems So to avoid this problem now you can too get a pokestop near your place too. So how to get Pokestop near your place ? That is easy the thing you need to do is that Open Pokemon go and go to the settings. There you will find an option called nominate a new pokestop but the minimum reequipment for adding a pouestop is 37 level. So if you don't have 37 level.

There is another thing that you can do and that is, Go to any social media and find some people who are 37 level or up and ask them to help you out and guys remember that pokemon go has a few restictions on addding a new pokestop and that is you need 1-2 people nominate that area as a pokestop.

if you nare a solo player and you want to get a apoekstop nearby your house and other players want a pokestop in anothe place witch is only 300 meters away from you then your nominated pokestop wont be accepted.

guys pokestop is a must in pokemon go, so no pokestop means no pokeball and that means no pokemon. so if you want to secure a place for a pokestop then you can do omne thing that is make 2-3 pokemon go id and make them all over level 40 and add a new pokestop and by doing that you can definatly get a new pokestop at your desired place and for getting a gym you need 3-4 pokestop.

so guys by doing this steps you can easily get a pokestop in any where in the world and after submitting the new pokestop proposal it takes about 1 week.

so at first you need to add 4 pokestop nearby and then you can add gym so that you guys can battle among yourselves.

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