Profane New MMORPG Game Review Sandbox MMO Game

profane is a new game developed by some brazil developers and profane game is now being tested by beta players.
this game is not currently available for players to play but it is getting developed now.

so if you guys like MMORPG Games then you will like profane.
Guys most of this information is taken from youtube and my personal research on profane.
in this blog i am gonna review profane based on my opinion and give you guys some info on the game and if you thing i have given any wrong information then please contact us here:

so we can fix our information's as soon as we can, so if you are new to this kind of theme and wondering that what is a morph game? it is like a game where you can grind your way to be a famous magical, knight or a wizard.
it is like a manga or anime type of game, if you want an example then you can think about sword art online or if you are an manga fan then you can obviously think profane as The Gamer Manga.
i am giving you guys a similar vide that how profane is gonna be.
Guys currently there are a alot of mmorpg games out there and they are doing very good.
so if you are egar to play profane youi can also try these games like Albion Online, RunesScape, Path Of Exiles.

Runescape is one of the oldest game in this list. if you want you can definatly check runescape on your play list.

now guys if you are wondering that when will this profane game gonna come out then let me tell you that is game is being developed for 2 years and we can expect this game to come out in about in next 6 monrths and guys if you are thinking this is profane game will be paid or goinna be free/
then let me tell you that at first this game will be paid then after sometimes this game will be free to play.
and guys if you are thinking to join as beta player in this game and thinking that how can you join it as a beta player?
the answer is very simple profane has there own discord channel, if you want to join there discord channel the you can click here:

guys getting into beta gameplay of profane now is not simple because most of the beta players are playing this game for a long time.

Guys so that all about for today but seriously if this game gets out and if you like mmorpg games then you should definatly try this game out.

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